Alexander Docks and
East Exchange District Renewal

The Exchange District Biz (EDB) in Winnipeg Manitoba (Canada) was interested in examining the development potential of the derelict Alexander Docks site with the intention of increasing the understanding and expedition of a practical interest in its development. This examination was part of a district-wide study to identify a redevelopment and renewal vision for the east half of district that lies along the Red River waterfront. The site had a long history as a rail junction and transfer point to marine transportation networks and played a role in the lives of indigenous people as an historic gathering place and more recently as a memorial to missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. The project was funded by the Forks North Portage Partnership, a public sector development corporation charged with developing the lands south of the Exchange District, to examine the opportunities for strengthening North-South connections between the two areas.

The study prioritized key initiatives based on a review of historic investments and the principles and guidelines set out in foundational documents outlining a detailed planning framework for the Exchange precinct and providing a strong evidenced base approach for developing concepts to meet the EDB’s goals.

Detailed asset mapping and analysis identified two distinct precincts, differing in character and potential but with opportunities for strong linkages. Development project concepts on key sites were modelled to provide indicative value uplift and the scale of development needed to deliver it.