Glen Murray

Glen brings a deep experience and entrepreneurial career of leadership in the private,public and non-profit sectors.Most recently, Glen was the Director of the Pembina Institute, Canada’s leading think tank on energy, the economy and the environment where he led the development of a newmanagement structure and planning process that positioned Pembina to seize new opportunities.As an Ontario cabinet minister, he oversaw several portfolios, including transportation; training, colleges, and universities; research and innovation, and most recently, environment and climate change. In his role as environment minister, Glen initiated and oversaw the implementation of Ontario’s ground breaking zero waste and circular economy act that introduced extended producer responsibility to Ontario. He led the development and implementation of Ontario’s cap-and-trade system, and played a foundational role in the creation of the Quebec-Ontario-California carbon market.Glen has held several leadership roles, including serving as mayor of Winnipeg from 1998-2004, and was chair of the Big City Mayors’ Caucus. During his time as mayor, he led the successful fight to transfer the five cents/litre federal gas tax to municipalities and undertook a major expansion of Winnipeg’s recycling and resource recovery programs.As a Managing Partner in Toronto Based strategic counsel and government relations firm Navigator he expanded their practice in the areas of municipal services & governance, environmental policy and economic development strategic planning. He also served as chair of the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, under Prime Ministers Harper and Martin. Glen was also president and CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute.​Glen started one of Winnipeg’s first environmental small business in the 1980s. He and some friends built Envirofit a company that helped other small businesses reduce energy and material consumption and help them shift to recovered resources. Glen started his career in activism as a founding member of the Canadian AIDS Society, and helped establish the Village Clinic in Winnipeg, a centre for AIDS prevention and care. He has worked internationally, helping establish the World Health AIDS Service Organization’s working group.

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Daniel Nixey

For the past thirty years, Daniel has been operating as a consultant and senior project advisor, responsible for producing a very wide range of study deliverables. As part of this experience, Daniel has developed a strong consulting practice in the areas of value planning, strategic land use assessment, employment lands policy, real property industry research asset rationalization, investment analysis and projects related to real property business transformation. Daniel also brings strengths in data collection and modeling, GIS and on-line surveying techniques.

In his current role of Senior Advisor, Daniel specifically contributes to the delivery of Value Planning consulting services and the development of the systematized delivery of Value Planning services through the CAST software platform.

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Jay Bassett

Jay Bassett served the public over 35 years both as a (retired) military officer with the Navy and as a civil servant leader with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He served 15 years as a charter member of the EPA’s leadership cadre in transforming EPA’s land and waste program’s “Road Ahead” principles through promoting efforts to manage materials and products on a life-cycle basis, building capacity and integrating materials management approaches, and accelerating the broad, ongoing public dialogue on sustainable materials management as both EPA’s Regional (Southeast) program manager and as a national advisor and expert. He currently serves (through July 2021) as an advisor on a comprehensive strategy to maximize the Agency’s commitment to work with our partners to achieve meaningful outcomes on priority issues in disproportionately impacted communities and in supporting a systematic means to achieve EPA’s mission through community driven and based work. He also serves on several advisory boards for a number of “sustainability based” local and national nonprofits and has been active in engaging and advancing K12 initiatives and green school programs and curriculum development.

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Salma Sedigh

In conjunction with her Master’s degree in City Planning from University of Manitoba, Salma also has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. She has over two years of experience in planning and architecture roles, gaining a broad range of experience in the process. Salma’s expertise lies in community-based research, data analysis, and geographic information systems.

With a passion for land use planning, development, and policy, Salma is interested in how public infrastructure investment could be strategically planned to leverage private sector developments and add to community tax base. Her goal is to take part in projects that enhance our communities.

Salma is a lover of the outdoors. When not at work, she will take any opportunity to explore Canada’s wilderness.


James Magnus-Johnston

James was trained as an ecological economist at the University of Cambridge (MPhil, Land Economy) and has researched, taught, and practiced in related areas for just over a decade. James previously worked in the financial industry, in public policy positions, and as a social entrepreneur – helping to establish a food cooperative (The Fireweed Food Co-op), a coffee shop (Fools + Horses), a composting service (Compost Winnipeg), and a coworking / learning hub (the CMU Centre for Resilience).

He currently the Co-director of the Centre for Resilience at Canadian Mennonite University, where he also teaches in the fields of business and political studies. He’s a Board Director with the Assiniboine Credit Union and is undertaking a PhD at McGill University, where he researches emotional responses to ecological breakdown.

James also has a BA with majors in Political Studies (Hons), Rhetoric & Communications, and Theatre (Hons, Gold Medal) from the University of Winnipeg. James would often rather be singing, and he lives mostly in the woods.

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