Engagement Partner - FoREST

Using the "Framework for Regenerative Ecological and Social Transformation," we engage stakeholders at a granular level to influence project development and design and achieve environmental, social, and governance goals (ESGs). ​

​​Our strategy is to engage master developers with multiple sites and/or phases to allow for on-going relationship with the community for long-term impact and effect.

Development Partner - The Place Fund Picture

The Place Fund is an investment fund that applies FoREST to real estate development in order to drive return on investment.

A developmental practice is established for the initial three to five years to achieve a community based ESG impact model. Any and all of the 17 SDGs can be addressed over a long-term integrated approach.

Management Partner - is a platform that uses Big Data and AI to facilitate community governance, infrastructure management, and engagement with stakeholders.

Engaging community in collaborative understanding of what can be accomplished in-place is the most effective means of sustaining a positive impact over time. ​