A Summit on the City’s Future

Creativity and collaboration were recurring themes for 32 community leaders who gathered at Imagine Kingston: A Summit on the City’s Future. The event, which drew senior leaders from government, business, educational and cultural institutions, was convened and sponsored by a local businessman working with a local steering committee. It was facilitated by former Winnipeg mayor and urban strategist Glen Murray.

Kingston was recognized for its extraordinary assets including renowned postsecondary institutions, a highly educated population, a spectacular lakeside setting, unparallel heritage resources, a vibrant arts community. Yet the pervading message at the Summit was that the potential of these assets was not being fully realized. New perspectives and approaches were sought to leverage the city’s strengths.

The Summit focused on identifying priorities and future needs from which four priorities were distilled and turned to definingthe actions and securing commitments needed to achieve these four priority objectives, including:

  • Large Venue Entertainment Complex (LVEC) – Successful Large Venue Entertainment Complexes, including building and integration with downtown regeneration is essential to success. LVEC provides the City with a success story, and a visible symbol of renewal. This is a priority objective for practical and psychological reasons.
  • Communications Strategy – A more strategic and proactive approach is needed to celebrate successes and communicate the support of community, business and cultural leaders for important projects and civic priorities.
  • Cultural Plan – The City has extraordinary creative and cultural assets that could be better coordinated. It is a priority that Kingston join other leading municipalities and embrace more integrated cultural planning approaches to leveraging positive impacts and building sustainable creative and cultural activity
  • Leadership Roundtable – Perhaps the most significant objective identified in the summit was the creation of a leadership roundtable representing business, education and cultural sectors. The group will build consensus and mobilize resources around strategic initiatives.
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Large Venue Entertainment Complex